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8 reasons why YOU should consider Hot Desking

December 11th, 2016

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We all go through phases of thinking “I wish I could work from home” – the thought of that bit longer in bed and not having to make yourself look presentable is very appealing, but do we consider the reality of how it affects our WORK?

Let’s look into some of those ‘oh so great moments’ of working from home:

1)  Serious Social Segregation

The idea of not having to take interest in a co-workers weekend antics may sound delightful on a Monday morning, but every day without social interaction can take its toll on your mentality! It has been proven that engaging with like-minded individuals is thought provoking and encourages motivation, whilst working alone everyday may encourage distractions and deadlines may not be met.


The benefit of hot desking means you can involve yourself with professionals as and when you like!


2) Living room Lock-in

Most people consider their home a stress free environment where they can relax but what happens when that space is also the place you work? You wouldn’t have a kitchen that was also a bathroom (hopefully) so why have a living room that is also a work room? That space that you marked out for work stuff will soon spill over and your home and work life will collide in an unholy union that will be detrimental for both work-you and leisure-you.


Just taking a few hours out of your day to work from a separate environment – like our BlueSky offices… you still have the freedom and comfort, but you don’t feel confined and instead, empowered by your own schedule, working as and when you want.



3) Try working over the Starbucks Shouters!

Many who work ‘from home’ give in to the lure of the coffee shop, order their favourite cuppa and they feel like they’re being productive because they’re not trapped at home. But how much work do you actually get done when coffee orders are being shouted across the room and ladies-who-lunch are having their weekly catch ups?


Our BlueSky Citypoint location is a 2 minute walk from various coffee shops, so not only can you enjoy your favourite brew on the go – you can work in peace too.


4) No more Work-Shy Wi-Fi

Remember that dusty little box that sits in the corner, the one with all the blinking lights, the one that’s half hidden behind the sofa? We’ve all been in the situation where this little box has thrown your best laid plans into ruin with a single orange light – we all know that they all have to be green, we don’t know why or how they change colour, but orange please go green again!


Unless you’re one of the lucky few, many of us have a daily battle with our Wi-Fi connections at the best of times – AKA, sitting on social media whilst watching some evening TV – but if it happens then, just think of the nightmare you’ll have whilst using it for work purposes. Imagine trying to send important emails, or have a meeting over skype and getting cut off due to poor connection – it’s not really a symbol of professionalism.


When you hot desk at any BlueSky office – you have free access to our top of the range Wi-Fi which will keep all your work activity running as smooth as possible.


5) Damn those Noisy Neighbours

You may not take much notice of your neighbours because when you’re home at night, they’re also relaxing in front of the TV. Just remember, those who don’t work spend the day working at home. Think rumbling washing machines, think DIY sounds such as putting up that new fence and the constant hammering that goes with it! Or think about if they are out, their unattended dog may spend the day barking at each bird it sees in the garden.


Try sorting your accounts, invoices or writing your new business strategy with the sweet old lady next door hoovering and her husband shouting over the top because he can’t hear the football.


Now try thinking about how as soon as that happens, you could pick up your laptop and go to a hot desk at BlueSky where you can work in peace and quiet…


6) No more Crying Children

Now this really does depend on the age – but many people work from home because they have young children to look after. Not only do they require a hell of a lot of attention…but also think of the destruction they leave in their path – juice spilt on important documents, crumbs in your workspace slowly making their way down the cracks in your keyboard, constant questions that you can’t answer (why isthe sky blue?) and have you ever tried to change a nappy and preparing a presentation at the same time?


That’s why hot desking can be so beneficial as it fits round your schedule, so you can look after the kids when needed, but take important work into an office environment.


7) Those Pesky Pets!

Remember those cute furry animals you felt bad leaving every morning and looked forward to seeing at night? You can leave them during the day because you’re not there and all they will do is silently pine for your return. However, when you’re there and you’re visibly ignoring them that’s when they want to play, want food, want out to pee! You look away for a second and when you look back Mittens has taken up residence on your keyboard, what buttons did she press? Did you save the changes?


When you hot desk, you can work safe in the knowledge that your furry friend is sitting at home just thinking how great it will be when you get home to see them.


8) Random Routines

Working in an office may be a drag at times – but at least you have structure. Not having to make yourself look presentable may be appealing for a few weeks but think about what happens to your productivity and motivation when your long lies get longer and longer? Your mealtimes are later and you end up turning nocturnal through late night movies. It’s common knowledge that routines motivate us more than random allocations of time.

Why not try hot desking at a BlueSky office first thing? Get those emails out the way and be ready to tackle the day ahead feeling motivated and organised!


So in reality, hot desking really combines the best of both worlds. Not only is it cost effective, but you can choose when you want to be there. The hot desking service at BlueSky Business Space allows you to keep your home comforts and your work in a professional office environment, keeping your productivity levels high and keeping you mentally sane.


For more information, contact Angela Ritchie on 01224 766900 or email

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