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Are we losing face through technology?

March 29th, 2017

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The 21st century has hit us with a wave of impressive technology, we’re reaching a point where basic communication is dependable on whether we have access to a mobile phone or our emails.

There is now the argument of “why go to work when work can come to you” and whilst an accurate debate, people are blind-sighted by the appeal of no small talk or commuting.

But, think of it this way – have you ever had to deal with colleagues constantly over your home internet connections? Emails are great but sometimes points can be missed or the tone can be picked up wrong – causing unnecessary friction. Is technology killing communication?

Let’s think about it this way…

How many times have things been cleared up or gone well because of successful meetings where everyone collaborates? OK yes we know – meetings take up time! But they’re also some of the most effective ways of getting key messages across and backing up valid points.

More and more companies are going digital, but it doesn’t always work for your business to replace face to face conversations with an at home Skype call – many clients need personality to build trust and relationships.

BlueSky Business Space offer a range of facilities whether you’re a tenant or not, so you can utilise the best of digital advances but also keep in touch with personal interaction.

At BlueSky your clients are welcomed with a personal touch, greeted by friendly BlueSky staff as well as being hosted in a bright meeting room with space to present and share knowledge all contributes to that important lasting impression.

We know it’s difficult to communicate with others across the country – or the world! Sometimes you simply can’t have that face to face conversation. So if you’re going to go digital, do it right! Use the best of BlueSky’s cutting edge technology with our video conferencing facilities and have that digital meeting in a professional environment without any broken receptions.


Check out our website and book your meeting room online today

So, why would you go completely digital at home when you have BlueSky?

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